Carbon Offsetting

The DevMit Forum’s organising commmittee has partnered with Credible Carbon in an effort to offset the cumulative carbon emissions of the Forum. This includes the non-flight emissions of the entire Forum which are being offset by through buying credits through Credible Carbon (see below). In addition flights which have been supported by MAPS (authors, speakers, etc.) are being offset separately by MAPS. The supported flights to the Forum have been calculated as at 85 tons. The carbon credit money will go to supporting one of Credible Carbon’s Cape Town based development projects – Hout Bay Recycling Cooperative.

20140121-152806.jpg We encourage all self-funding delegates to offset their own flights’ carbon emissions (and thus contribute to community-based low carbon development in South Africa), and to go to Credible Carbon’s website. Calculate your own footprint and select a project through which to off-set; transact and download certificates for retired credits.   Hout-Bay-2


The Hout Bay Recycling Cooperative project employs residents of Imiza o Yethu informal settlement in waste collection, sorting and recycling. Independent annual audits have confirmed that since 2008 the co-operative has saved over 2,200tCO2e of greenhouse gas emissions, improved the livelihoods of its employees and contributed to a cleaner and healthier Imiza o Yethu.   Hout-Bay-1

Credible Carbon is a South African voluntary market carbon registry that specialises in credits from small-scale poverty alleviating mitigation projects. In 2013 the registry sold over 70,000tCO2e and successfully transferred 89% of the total carbon revenue to the projects that it supports. That is after paying auditors, legal costs and registry fees.