Problem Statement

For many developing countries, development is the first order priority, with mitigation a second order priority. Advocates of mitigation therefore tend to be a priori constrained by this. If this is acknowledged, then the key to deepening mitigation action in a development setting is to 1) understand the development agenda very well in the first instance and, 2) consider how mitigation can work within this agenda. In some areas there may be synergies, where the mitigation activity may enhance the development activity, and in other areas it might require strategic thinking, patience and/or compromise.


To critically consider, articulate and explore the interface of development and mitigation hence “DevMit”.
To enhance an understanding of how developing countries can effectively internalize mitigation activities into their development priorities and approaches.


Grounded in the rigor of peer-reviewed proceedings, and with specialist facilitation, the Forum will create a space to consider the objective, and to engage top international thinkers on a domestic, development-centric response to the ‘DevMit’ challenge. As a feature of the Forum, a number of development experts are being invited to actively provide a reflection on the development/mitigation discourse at the Forum from the perspective of their particular area of development expertise.