Organising Committee

Emily Tyler: Forum Lead
Meagan Jooste: Review Lead
Linda Oldert: Forum Co-ordinator
Lorraine Dimhairo: Logistics
Kim Coetzee: Academic back-up & Website updates
Michael Boulle: Editing Co-ordinator
Michelle du Toit: Forum Communications
Helen Karathanassis: Logistics Assistant

Conceptual Advisors

Anya Boyd: Senior Researcher, MAPS International
Navroz Dubash: Senior Fellow, Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi
Bert Metz: Climate scientist. UN IPCC Mitigation co-chair for TAR & AR4. Adviser with European Climate Foundation
Stefan Raubenheimer: Director, SSN and MAPS International
Andrea Rudnick:  Head of the Office of Climate Change of the Ministry of Environment, Chile
Marta Torres Gunfaus: Director, MAPS International
Harald Winkler: Director, ERC and MAPS International