DevMit Forum Provocateur briefings now available

We are pleased to notify you that the second of the three formal Forum outputs – the DevMit Provocateur Briefings – has been finalised and is available for download on the website, either by clicking the green & blue button on the home page or from the ‘Outputs‘ page.

The DevMit Provocateur Briefings is a set of notes written by the nine Development Provocateurs (South African experts on various aspects of development) who attended the Forum. As they reflected on our discussions over the three days we were forced to reconsider our mitigation ‘community of practice’ and its norms, assumptions, framings and objectives from the outside. This was not always a comfortable process, but certainly pointed to where productive alternative frameworks and entry points may lie. This compilation captures these reflections, and we trust it makes for an interesting and thought-provoking read.

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